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Why am I still in this place? I try so hard to get to where I am. And my heart just pulls me back in.



  • Intro: State of the Hip-Hop Union Address
  • Track 1: How Do My Presidential Balls Taste?
  • Track 2: Obamacare For Ya Mama
  • Track 3: Vetoing The Pussy feat: The First Lady
  • Track 4: Rock the Vote After I Rock Ya Headboard
  • Track 5: I Got the CIA Fucking With Me
  • Track 6: White House Sanctioned Murder feat: Wild Joe Biden
  • Track 7: Government Lockdown (Fuck the Repubs)
  • Track 8: Senate Massacre
  • Track 9: Executive Branch Evil
  • Track 10: Harvard Hitman
  • Outro: Re-Elect a Real Nigga When You See One
  • Bonus Track: What You Mean Declined? (The Deficit’s Trying To Kill Me)

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"Not everyone you lose is a loss."

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is ellen even hosting or is she just hanging out with famous people

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Stunning Photo Exhibition Celebrates Same-Sex Romance Around The World

Here’s one for the romantic in you.

Last year, Braden Summers, a New York-based photographer, set himself an ambitious challenge: to raise $22,000 to travel around the world shooting images documenting same-sex relationships in international communities. The uniqueness of his All Love Is Equal Kickstarter campaign helped the crowd-funding drive to quickly go viral, helping him to nail his intended goal. 

The project took him from his home in New York to countries as far afield as England, Brazil, South Africa, India and Lebanon. The results are devoid of sex, sensationalism and hype. They are simple, tender and joyous, something Summers wanted to the world outside the LGBT community to experience, as much as the world inside it to take comfort in: “My hope is that not only are my images inspiring romance for the queer community”, he told The Advocate. “But inspiring the acceptance of our romance on a global scale”. 

Among others, the project documents a lesbian wedding in traditional Indian saris, a gay marriage proposal on a sun-drenched hill in Rio and a romantic stroll along the Westminster Bridge in the London rain. 

"Along the way, I talked with many people about what romance means to them in their respective countries, encountered countless obstacles and received help from some of the most touching and unexpected people I will ever meet", Summers said. "I was inspired and filled with hope that the resulting imagery will resonate with the public". 

Breath-takingly beautiful. 

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